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NBS Infosys: One of South Africa’s Best IT Solutions Providers

NBS Infosys, one of the leading IT Solutions Companies in South Africa has made a name for itself with its expert solutions for businesses. With the experience and knowledge base at the company’s behest, we provide dedicated solutions for businesses through technology.NBS Infosys and its subsidiaries are known to the challenges faced by the industry and are devoted to providing technical solutions that help our clients achieve their goals with minimal risk and hassles.


NBS Infosys focuses on delivering matchless IT services which are classified into four components. These include:

Our focus is on deploying efficient technology solutions along with addressing security concerns, underutilization of technological resources, regulatory demands and instilling corporate governance.

Infosys provides strong IT management solutions providing background, based on the Solution Centre, Consulting Division and lifecycle management expertise make us superior from our competitors.

NBS Infosys provides infrastructure and non-application support through its partnerships with leading vendors. The expertise in IT management services bolsters our support system, helping fulfill our clients’ requirements.

NBS Infosys provides tailor made automation and virtualization solutions to its clients enabling them to function better. Emphasizing on data security while also ensuring these solutions work as business enablers.

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